Guidebook 2 - Dwellingup

Department: Guidebooks

Covers North Bannister to Harvey-Quindanning Rd

Second edition (2017). Covers North Bannister to Harvey-Quindanning Rd complementing Map 2 - Dwellingup.

The completely revised Guidebooks have been produced in eight sections to match the Bibbulmun Track Maps, with a separate Bibbulmun Track Handbook containing the general Track information, planning, safety, history and more.

The second edition comes with updated Track notes and section descriptions as well as a larger font size than edition 1.

This Guidebook contains a wealth of information including:

  • Track Town information,
  • suggested day and overnight walks,
  • Track tips,
  • section by section descriptions,
  • vehicle access to each section,
  • reflections from the campsite registers, and of course,
  • new, improved and more detailed Track notes.

Please note that the new Guidebooks do not contain maps, distance tables or terrain profiles as this information is already on the official Bibbulmun Track maps. The Guidebooks are designed to be used in conjunction with the maps.

The division into eight books plus the handbook means that you need only carry the book that relates to the section you are walking.

The Guidebooks are pocket sized.

The Bibbulmun Track Handbook will help you plan your walk and includes:

  • general information
  • how to get started, guided walks and tours
  • trip planning
  • safety
  • history of the Track
  • natural and human history, and more.

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