Bibbulmun Team Challenge

The most unique physical and mental team building challenge in Western Australia.

Teams of four go head-to-head, battling it out across 50km of the Bibbulmun Track with a series of mental and physical challenges over four days.

This is the ultimate test for corporate teams to disconnect with technology and reconnect with others, whilst being immersed in WA’s beautiful bushland.


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Which organisation has the best blend of brains, brawn and team camaraderie to survive?

This innovative, nature-based event, involves teams of four, competing in a series of interactive activities during a four-day hike on the Bibbulmun Track.

Activities focus on outdoor skills, leadership, problem solving, teamwork, safety and first aid, environmental awareness and physical challenge. Participants walk up to 15km per day in a selected location south of Perth.

Teams are self-sufficient but support is provided and experienced instructors’ co-ordinate the activities.


A quality team building experience

As participants stay at the Bibbulmun Track campsites overnight, only four teams (16 participants) are permitted to participate. This ensures the participants get to know and interact with all the other participants over the four days.

Many organisations including those listed below have entered a team(s) over a number of years. CEOs and managers have seen the extraordinary value their staff gained from taking part and made the Team Challenge a key part of their team building repertoire.


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Past participants include:

Agnew Gold Mine, Alphawest, Anglogold, Australian Geographic, Australian Hotels Association, Australian Red Cross, Boddington Gold Mine, Bankwest, Contraflow, Dept. of Defence, Dept. of Industry and Resources, Dept. of Parks & Wildlife, Dept. of Planning, Ernst and Young, FESA, Geraldton Grammar School, Gold Fields Australia, Integrated Group, IRC, NAB, Newmont, Norton Rose, Pitcher Partners, PPB Chartered Accountants, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, PSN Water, The West Australian, Tourism WA, Western Power, WestOne Services and a multitude of teams of friends from around Australia.


The event is an intense and fulfilling experience for participants which:

• promotes team spirit
• builds positive relationships
• promotes group social interaction
• refines mental and physical aptitude
• promotes personal and physical well-being
• builds communication amongst participants

I have the privilege of taking people from a wide range of organisations - big and small - into the bush for the most intense four day experience.  I see them get right out of their comfort zone, be challenged and confronted, grow from building on weaknesses and harnessing their strengths. They go back to the office with new perspectives and - to quote one participant - feeling like they are super-human and can achieve anything.

Steve Sertis, Event Manager and Lead Guide


A major fundraiser

Although the Parks and Wildlife Service is the Manager of the Track, the Bibbulmun Track Foundation is the primary focal point for community based support and involvement, and manages over 300 volunteers, who each maintain a section of the 1000km trail.

The Foundation also has primary responsibility for marketing the Track within Western Australia, interstate and overseas, and provides a range of services including free information packs and trip planning advice.

All proceeds from the Bibbulmun Team Challenge help support the ongoing sustainability of the Bibbulmun Track. This is an annual event which raises needed funds for the Track. 

Did you know…You have the option to fundraise for the Registration Fee!

You can raise funds to enter a team into this year’s Bibbulmun Team Challenge by creating your own My Cause Fundraising Event Page.  Simply register your team with us and we will send you details on how to create your unique team page! 

This is perfect for many individuals, groups of friends and smaller companies who would love to participate in the Bibbulmun Team Challenge.

"I SO want to do this again next year!"



"Met and exceeded all expectations of what different level of challenges should be. Challenging, difficult, absolutely satisfying. Definitely provided the environment to fully challenge myself to be the best I could be. I'm smiling every time I think about what I have achieved. Best of all I now have bragging rights with my 11 year old son!"


Frequently asked questions 

 What are the activities?

We are intentionally vague about the actual activities - they are a closely guarded secret, but we can tell you that most of them involve some sort of problem solving and team building, and some are just physical. There will be activities that run over the four days while others may only take a few minutes. Some activities are solo, some are completed within your team of four, and some involve more people than just your team mates. Activities occur throughout the day, every day, and sometimes in the evenings.

How fit do I need to be?
You will need a good level of fitness but you don’t need to be super fit! Previous overnight trekking experience is an advantage, and we encourage you to do some during your training in the lead-up to the event. Some participants have not even walked on the Bibbulmun Track before this event! You will be given a training program as part of your Information Manual. Remember you will be walking the Track (up to 15km per day) with a backpack (weighing about 18kg) with all your gear for four days. Just the walking can be a challenge in itself, let alone everything else we throw at you.

Can our team fundraise for the registration fee?

Yes, you have the option to fundraise for the Registration Fee!  You can raise funds to enter a team into this year’s Bibbulmun Team Challenge by creating your own My Cause fundraising event page.  Simply register your team with us and we will send you details on how to create your unique team page!  This is perfect for many individuals, groups of friends and smaller companies who would love to participate in the Bibbulmun Team Challenge.

How does a team win and become the Challenge Champions?
This is a point scoring event. It is not a race, and the team with the highest points wins the event. Points are scored by winning the activities. At the end of the four days, the team that has the highest score will be the Challenge Champion. 

What do the Challenge Champions receive?
Each member of the Challenge Champion team receives an individual medal.

I don’t have a team to join – can I register as an individual and join a team?
Yes! Register your interest as an individual with us now and we will do our best to find other individuals looking to make up a team, or a team that needs another person.

Do the same four people participate every day?
Yes. There is no opportunity for people to be substituted during the course of the event.

What’s included in the registration fee?
Each team member receives a comprehensive information manual, team coloured Bibbulmun Track buff (tube scarf) and lots of advice.  There is also a briefing night, return transport from Perth city to the event, loan of four backpacks, two fuel stoves, four sleeping bags, and two two-person tents to each team if required.  

I’ve never been hiking before. What do I need to know and what information will I receive?
The Team Challenge Information Manual includes everything you need to know. It covers hiking equipment, appropriate food, campsite facilities, your itinerary, what’s expected of you, packing your backpack, training guidelines, health and safety issues and a bushwalker’s code of conduct. If there is anything that isn’t answered in the manual, then all you have to do is ask us!

"The event is physically and mentally very challenging and at the same time a lot of fun. It is good that it runs for four days, this way it encourages real team work."


How do I register?

Contact us.  We will then send you the registration details. 

You will be required to list your team members’ contact details. Places are limited so the earlier you register the more chance you will have of competing.

The deposit is payable at time of registering to secure your place. If you require an invoice, please let us know in advance, or at the time of payment.

You will be sent a confirmation letter to welcome you aboard. In the lead up to the Challenge, you will also receive email updates of new teams registered and useful hints and tips.

Once full payment has been received you will receive your complete and comprehensive Bibbulmun Team Challenge Information Manual. This is packed full of all the detailed information that you will need in order to participate. Bring it with you on the briefing night.


See what some previous team member's had to say...

“The four days were the best organised activity based event I have ever been on.”
Rob, PPB Chartered Accountants

"Congratulations - this is a great event. As for the track and the hiking, you've given me an appreciation for them that will last long into the future"
Andrew Flaherty, Australia Post

"Brilliantly coordinated. Everything I had hoped for, plus more"
Michael Cake, Dept of Environment and Conservation

"Unique, once in a lifetime opportunity that I feel honoured to have experienced. Loved it!! (Can I go again???) Brilliantly thought out and organized" 
Terry O'Donnell, PSN Water

Celebrations at the end
Celebrations at the end