Trailing Around the World

  • Freycinet and Apsley National Parks and Maria Island, Tasmania

    • From: Alan Barker, Perth, WA

    In March 2008 BTF Volunteer Alan Barker took part in a group expedition to Tasmania, organised by World Expeditions. The eight-day trip encompassed a variety of walks in Freycinet National Park, the Douglas Apsley National Park and on the historic Maria Island.

  • Shakespeare’s Way, UK

    • From: Bill Orme

    Bill Orme decided to explore a recently opened trail in the UK, designed to retrace the historic travels of England’s most famous playwright, William Shakespeare.

  • Tongariro Northern Circuit, NZ

    • From: Sally Woodhead, Perth, WA

    Sally Woodhead and her partner Adrian Simmonson tramped the Tongariro Northern Circuit between December 26th and December 30th 2007

  • The Cotswold Way, UK

    • From: Peter Dear, Perth, WA

    In September 2007 BTF Volunteer Peter Dear and his wife Maureen journeyed to England, where they walked the Cotswold Way in the south west of the country.

  • Jomolhari Trail, Bhutan

    • From: Jim Baker, Perth, WA

    In 2006 Mike Wood, then MD of Mountain Designs Perth, led a group of nine walkers on a trek in the Land of the Thunder Dragon—Bhutan. BTF volunteer Jim Baker was on the trek.

  • Trekking the Heysen Trail and the Gammon Ranges

    • From: Steve Sertis, Perth, WA

    In April 2006 Steve Sertis, the BTF’s Events Manger and Lead Guide, walked with a group on part of the Heysen Trail, in the Flinders Ranges and also a area in the Gammon Ranges. The trek was organised by World Expeditions. This is Steve’s account of their trip.

  • East Tyrol in Austria

    • From: Edith Thomas, Perth, WA

    Edith Thomas is one of the mainstays of the Bibbulmun Track Foundation, giving large amounts of her time as a volunteer, both in the office and doing maintenance on the Track. In 2005 she spent some time in the East Tyrol in Austria and in other spots in Europe. “Beautiful countryside ,” she says, “but it’s not the Bibbulmun Track!”

  • The Milford Track, New Zealand

    • From: Jane Greenwood and John Faris, Perth, WA

    BTF members Jane Greenwood and John Faris recount their experience on the Milford Track.

  • Across The Pyrenees

    • From: Barry Bryan and Margaret Bryant, UK

    Barry and Margaret Bryan stated their trek on GR10 in the Pyrenees in 2001, came back in 2003 and finally completed their walk in 2005. This is Barry’s story of their walks:

  • South West Tasmania Adventure

    • From: Lee Cordner, Perth, WA

    During March 2004 five Friends of the Bibbulmun Track embarked upon a self-organised, 150 kilometre hike of the Port Davey and South Coast Tracks in Southwest National Park, Tasmania. This took them through some of the most remote and pristine wilderness country in Australia for a delightful and demanding adventure challenge.