The State of Play Report: Bush walking is on the rise

12 August 2019

Nationwide, the AusPlay survey has been running since 2015 with a total of about 20,000 interviews conducted annually. This State of Play report however, is very exciting as, for the first time, it has included bushwalking. 

The numbers clearly support that bushwalking and outdoor recreational activities are on the rise. According to this summarised report by SportAus, Recreational Walking is the number 1 activity in Australia, with bushwalking coming in at number 8. Increasingly more people are seeking an active lifestyle through outdoor activities and nature.

The full survey is available here, but here's a few key points to get you going: 

  • On a national level, ACT & Tasmania take the lead with 10.6% and 10.2% participation rates for bushwalking, with WA at 4.1%
  • Leading Ladies - 12% marks the highest share of play, with women leading the pack (aged 25 - 34)
  • Over the next 12 months a 7% increase is expected (from 1,174,049 to 1,253,740 Bushwalking participants)
  • 6% of all participants are paying, with an average annual spend of $838, and nationally $52.9 million annually.