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  • New Bridge Opens in Time for Winter

    7 August 2017

    We are delighted to announce that the new bridge across the Murray River and the related Bibbulmun Track realignment are now open. 

    The bridge was completed at the beginning of July, just before the winter river water level rose, which would have made the Bibbulmun Track impassable at the diversion crossing point. It replaces the historic timber trestle Long Gully Bridge in Lane Poole Reserve which was destroyed in the 2015 Boddington bushfire.

    Bily Djena Bidi opens just in time for winter
    Bily Djena Bidi opens just in time for winter

    The new state-of-the-art bridge, built several kilometres downstream of the old bridge site, has been named the Bilya Djena Bidi (pronounced beel-ya jenabidi) by the Gnaala Karla Booja traditional owners. The name means a swinging river foot-bridge.

    With an overall length of 92m and 82m between the towers, the design includes two 12m towers that hold the bridge deck six meters above the summer river level.  This enables Bibbulmun Track hikers to safely cross the Murray River all year around, while providing a unique feature on the Track.

    The design and the materials allow the bridge to blend into the surrounding environment. Weathering, a form of rusting steel, was used for the main part of the structure, including the towers and hangers. All materials offer a high degree of fire resistance and will require minimal maintenance.

    Under construction
    Under construction

    BTF volunteers installed the Track realignment and new signage. Some further work is still required to rehabilitate the site; unfortunately this is being hampered by bad weather.

    The total cost of the project was close to $850,000 including around $125,000 of in-kind contributions from contractors, volunteers and Parks and Wildlife Service staff. 

    We are very grateful to the individuals and organisations that contributed.  $100,000 was contributed by the Bibbulmun Track Foundation.  These funds were raised by members and friends through donations and raffles—originally for the restoration of Long Gully Bridge and then, sadly, for its replacement.  

    The bridge spans 92 metres and is 500mm above the 100 year flood level.
    The bridge spans 92 metres and is 500mm above the 100 year flood level.

    Other funding came from the Parks and Wildlife Service at the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions; Royalties for Regions Regional Grants Scheme administered through the Peel Development Commission and Alcoa Australia with support from engineering company BG&E Pty Ltd who developed the concept design free of charge.










  • Guidebook 2 - Second Edition Now Available

    30 July 2017

    The new Guidebook 2 coming soon!
    The new Guidebook 2 coming soon!
    Guidebook 2 - Dwellingup has been out of stock since late last year.

    We have been waiting for the construction of the new alignment of the Track and of course the new bridge across the Murray River south of Dwellingup. Read about the destruction of the Long Gully Bridge.

    The new book includes Track notes of that new section, as well as updated notes of the Track between Albany Highway and Harvey-Quindanning Rd.

    You can now purchase the new Guidebook. 

    Buy now!

  • Ultra Series event takes off on the Bibbulmun Track

    8 June 2017

    The Feral Pig Ultra, part of the Ultra Series WA will be held – Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th November 2017 on the Bibbulmun Track.

    Ultra Series WA is a member of the Australian Ultra runners Association.  The Feral Pig Ultra offers an international graded course to attract runners from outside of WA.

    Detailed applications have been submitted to Departments of Water and Parks and Wildlife and approval received.  

    The event offers various courses including:

    22km from Kalamunda to Perth Hills Centre (PHC)
    50km from Brookton Highway to PHC
    50 miles from Sullivan Rock to PHC
    100 miles from North Bannister to Kalamunda to PHC

    Ultra Series WA is keen to ensure that the race has minimum impact and contributes to the maintenance of the Bibbulmun Track.    The Bibbulmun Track Foundation has met with the event organisers and are looking forward to working with them. Ultra Series WA will have a strict code of conduct for their runners (including; runners must go around hikers) and are committed to a detailed check of the courses after the event to ensure no damage, littering or course markers are evident.   They have committed to contributing 50% of their entry fee to the Foundation towards our ongoing maintenance programs. 

    The Bibbulmun Track Foundation and Ultra Series WA are committed to working together to help minimise any negative impact to the Track and ensure the safety of both walkers and runners during the event.


  • 8-day Highlights of the Bibbulmun Track Tour

    27 April 2017

    Bookings are now open for the September departure of the Hightlights tour.

    The 8 day itinerary, which departs on 12th September 2017,  has been carefully compiled to combine a variety of day walks with off-Track accommodation.  

    If you want to join us on this tour and experience the very best sections of the Bibbulmun Track in the height of the magnificent West Australian Wildflower season, do not delay.  

    For more information and a full dossier click here.

    Hurry, only 3 places left!

  • New Interpretive Trail for Bibbulmun Track

    2 March 2017

    On 19th February a smoking ceremony at the Northern Terminus was held to launch the upgrade of the terminus and interpretive trail linking to the Kalamunda zig zag centre.

    Local Member for Kalamunda, John Day, and BTF Chair Mike Wood acknowledged the support of the Shire, Department of Parks and Wildlife, and Tourism WA.

    This exciting project is due for completion by July and all volunteers and members will be invited to attend the opening celebration.

    Olman Walley conducted the Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony.
    Olman Walley conducted the Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony.