Chris Sharpe (C# (Chris Sharpe. Member No. 9042/1))

Completed: 9 April 2022

  • Start date: 28 March 1999
  • Age When Completed: 72
  • Direction Walked: Sectional
  • Others in Group:

    Various depending on section(s), ranging from none to four.  Ten people involved at one time or another in all.

General Comments

Probably one of the slowest end to end completions, spanning 23 years.

Food/Supplies Comments

Combination of day and multi day walks.  Quality of food proportional to length of time on the track.  Never came to terms with the taste of dried food!  Fish and Chips at Peaceful Bay is the perfect end to a day on the Track.

Favourite Section

South coast Mandalay Beach to Denmark.  Wonderful mix of tall Karri and Tingle trees and stunning coastline.  Favourite individual section - Valley of the Giants to Conspicuous Beach - which provides a wonderful transect through tall trees to the majestic coast.


Walking the track socially as part of a group and independently.  Walking sections around Walpole with friends and staying in comfortable accommodation nearby.  Walking in the Donnelly River valley amid majestic Karri trees.

Personal Reactions

Walking the track has provided a reservoir of enjoyment that I’ve dipped in to at various times over many years and have emerged from each time freshly energised.  I’d like to introduce my grandchildren to the joy of walking in this remarkable part of the world.


Birds and ants accompanied me every day.  Other animals less frequently.  My final day of walking was witnessed by a soaring Osprey near Mandalay Beach.

Your Best Equipment

Boots first and foremost - four different pairs over the years, including one very comfortable pair of walking shoes that did the job admirably.  Generally the best equipment has been the lightest in order to keep the pack weight down.

Your Worst Equipment

A Trangia stove because of its excessive weight and bulk.  On one occasion an umbrella (what was I thinking) which just doesn’t work in the bush.

Advice for Others

While end to ending is perhaps the Pinnacle for Bibbulmun purists, doing it in sections with good friends and family and sleeping on the track or staying in comfortable accommodation off track has made for a memorable experience.  In many ways this variety makes the Bibbulmun experience even richer.