Laurence Leroux (Laurence Leroux)

Completed: 30 December 2021

Photo of Laurence Leroux (Laurence Leroux)
Laurence Leroux
Laurence Leroux
  • Start date: 21 October 2021
  • Age When Completed: 60
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

An extraordinary experience that I would renew in a heart beat.

Food/Supplies Comments

I liked my left over dinners best for breakfast.

Favourite Section

The Valley of the Giants


The virgin forest, Blackwood hut, the whole bottom end Northcliffe to Walpole

Personal Reactions

To be one with the environment was amazing. Walked many consecutive days without seeing anyone and loved it. I loved my legs and how they just walked and carried my pack without a grudge!! I love the resilience of the bush, positiveness at its best. I have felt very humbled my others’ stories.


Did not see much but less is more. Heard lots of birds and frogs!!

Your Best Equipment

My best equipment was my legs!!! Allow me to add my shoes and my poles.

Your Worst Equipment

My worst equipment was my wandering mind leading to slips, trips, falls, and missing turns!!!

Advice for Others

Plan, plan, plan. Don’t rush and enjoy the character of each hut.