Barbara Bryant (Barbie)

Completed: 17 September 2021

Photo of Barbara Bryant (Barbie)
Barbara Bryant
  • Start date: 10 August 2021
  • Age When Completed: 52
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

An amazing experience - can’t wait to do it again!

Food/Supplies Comments

My brother helped me out with food drops, probably could have gotten by with resupplying in towns.  It was good to know you had a resupply box with everything you needed, at certain points along the way.

Favourite Section

Around Long Point I found the ocean/cliff views spectacular!


Watching the sunset from the cliff top near Long Point shelter was bloody great and I would say a highlight.  My brother surprising me - me finding him sitting at Monadnocks shelter waiting for me, with lots of yummy fresh food, then him walking with me to Mt Cooke, was definitely a day I won’t forget.


I saw so many birds, just LOVE the fairy wrens and scarlet robins.  Saw lots of snakes in the last few days into Albany, they kept me alert and the heart rate elevated.  I saw kangaroos, wallabies, a quenda, emus.

Your Best Equipment

Probably my good old Kathmandu 50L Altai backpack, it just keeps going and going!  So glad I kept the rain pants in upon insistence from the brother, wore them plenty of times and they kept me much drier than I would have been without them! Guthooks was EXTREMELY helpful!

Advice for Others

Just bloody do it!