Jules Birt (Birticus)

Completed: 9 January 2022

Photo of Jules Birt (Birticus)
Jules Birt
  • Start date: 1 January 2012
  • Age When Completed: 39
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

I started on my own when I was 30, doing little sections near Perth.  It was not long before some friends joined me.  It has been a great way to maintain friendships with others who are likewise in a busy stage of life.  Now almost 40 and I can’t imagine my next E2E will take 10 years!

Food/Supplies Comments

Tried many different stoves over the years, but ended up cols soaking for the last stretch.

Favourite Section

Woolbales to Albany.  I can’t get enough of the many moods of the south coast region.


Crossing Sapper’s bridge in winter 2021 and ending up on the front cover of the BTF magazine.  Woolbales to Walpole, there are such distinct habitat changes.  I loved it all.  Chats with Brendan, Tyler & Chris around the Lake Maringup camp fire.  West Cape Howe.

Personal Reactions

The Track winds through 1000 kilometres of some of the most biodiverse and beautiful boodja and has wound itself into my life.


I was charged by a wallaby on Mount Cuthbert.  It bounced at me from 20 metres off while making some freaky coughing sound!  It then jumped off the track at the last minute as I swiped at it to fend it off.

Your Best Equipment

Osprey backpack has been a winner.  Big Agnes insulated mattress. Ebay trekking poles.  Trail running shoes.  $8 tyvek suit rain jacket from Bunnings and a tin whistle.

Your Worst Equipment

Outdated guide book.

Advice for Others

I recommend walking at least four days in a row solo.  The stillness may mess with your life in the best way possible.