Mike Fugl (Rocketfuel (Mike))

Completed: 13 December 2021

Photo of Mike Fugl (Rocketfuel  (Mike))
Mike Fugl
Rocketfuel (Mike)
  • Start date: 14 October 2021
  • Age When Completed: 55
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

My favourite part of 2021, 60 perfect days carved out of a crap year that I will treasure forever.

Food/Supplies Comments

Small tins of tuna, Safcol Salmon Pouches
Ainsley Harriott Roasted Vegetable Couscous
Tortillas, Peanut Butter, Vegemite, dates
Fresh Zuchinni, Snow Peas, Chilli and Ginger can last a week
Cant get all of these in the trail towns, so next time I will post some ahead or maybe dehydrate.

Favourite Section

It’s all good.


So many, but arriving at the ocean at Mandalay Beach was one.
Sharing laughs, adventures and nature with the excellent people I traveled with and met along the way was the most magic ingredient to making the experience truly awesome.

Personal Reactions

What an epic journey. My ideas about what it would be like were mostly wrong; physically harder (at first) than expected, but more than offset by the nature, views and people. Very happy that I slowed down and enjoyed every minute after trying to smash it for the first two weeks.


Saw at least one of everything, but the dawn chorus of birdsong was the best.
There were lots of snakes, but I never felt in danger.
Even the March flies and mosquitos were tolerable with long trousers and some mozzie coils.

Your Best Equipment

Quick way to get lots of filtered water: The filter from my Lifestraw bottle fits snugly into my Hydrapak 2L Seeker collapsible bottle. From here I can squeeze out lots of filtered water very quickly. No need for purification tablets or those very slow Lifestraw Flex filters

Your Worst Equipment

Inflatable pillows. Waste of time. Jacket in a pillowcase is way better.

Advice for Others

Go at your own pace in your own sweet time. When it gets tough or you notice that you are pushing too hard just to get there or keep up, stop and make a brew and enjoy the nature around you. That way you get to feel like you are the boss of your Hike and not the other way around.