Michael Wheatley

Completed: 5 December 2021

Photo of Michael Wheatley
Michael Wheatley
  • Start date: 29 July 2017
  • Age When Completed: 66
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

This was done over four years, each time starting where the previous section finished.

Favourite Section

Although it’s the closest section, the jarrah forest in Spring is magnificent and probably little known to many locals.


The build up to the first ocean sighting is a highlight. Even though wave action is audible at Lake Maringup it takes several days to actually get to the coast.

Personal Reactions

Much of it I walked on my own, which I enjoyed, but it was always great to meet up with other hikers at camp sites. So many of them were welcoming and it was good to compare notes.


I saw very few snakes until William Bay. There were plenty after this point! Black cockatoos were a near constantly companion the length of the hike.

Your Best Equipment

Boots. It took several attempts before I found a pair that really suited me (Merril).

Your Worst Equipment

Nothing really - I carried too many clothes most times, but better to be prepared for bad weather.

Advice for Others

It’s a challenge, but don’t rush as there’s plenty of time to complete each stage. Enjoy the journey!