Bruce Mullan (Bruce)

Completed: 17 November 2021

Photo of Bruce Mullan (Bruce)
Bruce Mullan
  • Start date: 31 July 2021
  • Age When Completed: 63
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

Quite a few sections of the track from around Dwellingup to Albany was very overgrown with bushes and fallen trees. I know it has been a wet winter but I, and others, were wondering if the society has enough volunteers to look after the track or if they were doing their job.

Food/Supplies Comments

It took me a while to get this sorted so doing the first part through to Dwellingup in short sections gave me a chance to experiment. I learnt a lot from what others did and would cook more of my own next time

Favourite Section

Hard to decide but probably around the Karri Valley - Beedleup campsite. The wet season meant the rivers were flowing better than normal


The people you meet, the opportunity to clear my mind of work issues, the variety of landscapes, the remoteness of parts of the south west and the long time it takes for the bush to recover from hot fires

Personal Reactions

A great time to reflect on what is important to myself going forward


A feature for me was waking up to the sound of birds at dawn, especially in the Karri Forests

Your Best Equipment

My walking poles which saved me several times from falling or twisting an ankle

Your Worst Equipment

A small radio that I took which I could rarely even pick up the ABC clearly on

Advice for Others

Don’t listen too much to what others say, because while some will say the next section is really hard because of that hill”, ÿou may find that compared to other hills you have climbed it was not as bad as you imagined.