Alan Chung

Completed: 26 October 2021

Photo of Alan Chung
Alan Chung
  • Start date: 2 October 2021
  • Age When Completed: 34
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Brandon and Shirley.

General Comments

Amazing experience. I will be back again to do it in sections at a much slower pace.

Food/Supplies Comments

We ate dehydrated food for dinner most nights when not in town, with trail mix and jerky throughout the day. Great having the towns along the way to restock and refuel.

Favourite Section

Mt Clare through to Rame Head - old growth forests and being able to watch the landscape change before your eyes.


Campfires and conversations with other fellow hikers and walking along the beach. Met so many wonderful people and saw so much amazing scenery.

Personal Reactions

An incredibly challenging experience, tackling the E2E in 25 days, but also an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Saw so many animals - kangaroos, emus, an echidna, snakes, lizards and my favourite, quendas!

Your Best Equipment

My Komperdell trekking poles - a must have for all those ascents and descents!

Your Worst Equipment

Nylon underwear - recommended by various hiking websites for their sweat wicking and anti-stink qualities, but they are extremely uncomfortable!

Advice for Others

Don’t neglect your sleep and rest - you need way more of this on the track than you expect; and pay it forward - be kind and support your fellow Bib hikers.