Simon Reynolds

Completed: 2 September 2021

Photo of Simon Reynolds
Simon Reynolds
  • Start date: 10 July 2021
  • Age When Completed: 71
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:


General Comments

An incredible trek through wilderness with a perfect balance of availability of water, accomodation, toilets and track towns. A huge thank you to the Foundation and its’ volunteers.

Food/Supplies Comments

Left resupply boxes at visitor centres with the exception of Denmark and Pemberton which were unstaffed at the time. At Balingup I phoned ahead and the visitor centre volunteer was kind enough to deliver my box to the Post Office backpackers. As it turned out track towns had good stocks of appropriate dried foods anyway.

Favourite Section

The Karri forests, the Valley of the Giants and coastal views


I loved the occasional whiff of boronia around the Pingerup plains and coastal views

Personal Reactions

Very disappointed/distressed with the amount of plastic of some of the beaches.


Kangaroos, brush tailed wallabies, an angry male emu herding his chicks, and a very dopey tiger snake who wouldn’t move off the track. Saw lots of signs of echidnas and pigs but none sighted. Many types of wrens, robins and other small birds and the ever present red and white tailed cockatoos.

Your Best Equipment

My Etrex Garmin GPS which showed the way even in the worst weather conditions. Had 4 lithium battery changes over the distance.

Your Worst Equipment

Left knee

Advice for Others

Enough procrastinating, just do it before you get too old!