Colin Fleay (Col and Old Ted)

Completed: 23 August 2021

Photo of Colin Fleay (Col and Old Ted)
Colin Fleay
Col and Old Ted
  • Start date: 8 July 2021
  • Age When Completed: 62
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Peter my brother in’law

General Comments

Walking with Old Ted my 62 year old teddy bear ???? to raise funds for Shalom House.

Food/Supplies Comments

A high percentage of hikers research every area except diet.
Go for low GI foods : fats and oils,nuts,chocolate with high cocoa,dried fruit.
Get some fresh out of towns,example freeze piece steak last 2 days,fresh avo and cherry tom’s etc
Dehydrate food seems better energy conversion over freeze dried?
Used dehyd egg,take dried herbs,garlic,onion etc
Only lost 3kg in 7 weeks on track

Favourite Section

Walpole to Albany


Michele’s Big Breaky at Collie Coalfields
Walking over a hill to see Albany from the West side and finding it hard to believe!
The Amazing Karri and Tingle trees

Personal Reactions

One of the best adventures of my lifetime!


The pushy tame kangaroos tearing open the kids bags of food before they could get out of the shop door!!

Your Best Equipment

Motorcycle neck warmer,homemade cup cosy and homemade wire backpack hanger for mouse proofing!

Your Worst Equipment

High end trail runners that were good generally except very slippery on wet rock and mud!
Resulting in a fall and a near fall on a granite outcrop.

Advice for Others

Def do lots of research and listen to vets advice.
Don’t try re-invent the wheel!
Eyes on path or you may trip and fall injuring yourself in a remote area.
Don’t be in a rush stop and take that photo