Craig Barrett (Craig)

Completed: 24 July 2021

Photo of Craig Barrett (Craig)
Craig Barrett
  • Start date: 30 July 2010
  • Age When Completed: 56
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

A wonderful experience and challenge. Only made possible by the foresight of Geoff Schafer, Peter Hewett, Wayne Schmidt and Ross Gobby, the commitment of the Bibbulmun Track Foundation & volunteers, contributions from financial sponsors, and my wife and family who supported me every step of the way.

Food/Supplies Comments

Enjoyed taking quince paste, a sharp cheddar, salami and crackers for a lunchtime treat. Never really happy with my commercial dehydrated evening meal options but life was too busy to develop other options. I do make a very good “sweet tooth” trail mix.

Favourite Section

A bit like choosing a favourite child! As a Civil Engineer interested in built heritage, I really enjoyed the Donnelly River valley with the old rail formations - but also the remoteness and diversity of Northcliffe to Walpole.


Walking Donnelly River to Walpole and not seeing a single person on the track.

Personal Reactions

A wonderful and treasured experience. Enjoyed taking and posting a few photos on social media so my friends and family could walk vicariously with me. Enjoyed every step of the way - and not one blister!


Given the entries in the camp notebook everyone else got to see whales along the south coast - but I didn’t!

Your Best Equipment

My single walking pole and Martin Backpacker guitar I carried from Walpole to Albany.

Your Worst Equipment

I did not travel as light as others but happy with my choices re tent, extra clothes and large first aid kit etc.

Advice for Others

Just start it - you get better at is as you go along.