Erik Haymann (Erik the Red)

Completed: 22 July 2021

  • Start date: 25 May 2021
  • Age When Completed: 38
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

I can’t wait to get back out there!

Food/Supplies Comments

No sophisticated pre planning - Just made do with the more than adequate supplies in the track town along the way. You can get ready made dehydrated hiking meals in every town except for Northcliffe.

Favourite Section

I love it all!! If I had to pick I’d say Northcliffe through Walpole due to the diversity of landscapes with its sweeping grasslands, ancient granite outcrops, incredible forests and the first welcoming view of the mighty southern ocean.


Thunderous continuous rain booming on the shelter roof at Boardinghouse. Wow!

Personal Reactions

Erik the Red’s quote from the trail - “The trail takes from you what you didn’t know you didn’t need and gives to you what you didn’t know you needed”.


Whales, sea eagles, rock wallabies, waving seals and the ever present kookaburras who seemed to cackle at my every misfortune!

Your Best Equipment

My legs!

Your Worst Equipment

My legs!

Advice for Others

Always look up at night when the skies are clear. You’ll never forget the explosion of stars above and the Dark Emu stretching across the Milky Way for as long as you live. Special.