Richard Curtis (Richard Curtis)

Completed: 13 June 2021

Photo of Richard Curtis (Richard Curtis)
Richard Curtis
Richard Curtis
  • Start date: 30 April 2021
  • Age When Completed: 57
  • Direction Walked: South to North
  • Others in Group:

    David Curtis (Brother)

General Comments

Wow. What an experience. Such variety from start to finish. Beautiful coastline, amazing Tingle and Marri forests and then the hills and bush of the Darling Ranges to finish. All this only bettered by the people met along the way. Special mention to multiple co-inhabitants JMP Jane, Aaron the Birdwatcher, Queensland Pete and Hotshot Mick. Super special mention to Young Song Lee the painter, who after meeting up at Long Point, we had the pleasure and privilege of sharing more than half of the rest of the shelters and towns together. I had my first experience of Korean coffee and he had his first experience of Vegemite! I think I enjoyed my experience more.

Food/Supplies Comments

Did re-supply boxes to towns but really no need. Each town had sufficient supplies.

Favourite Section

This is a tough one. All special in their own way (although starting with the dunes was brutal) but to pick one I would have to go with the Marri forests each side of Pemberton.


Doing this with my brother was a highlight. We were both doing it for different reasons so for us both to finish and achieve what we set out to do, helping each other along the way, was a definite highlight.


Lots of kangaroos, lots of wild emus and only 1 snake which I was pretty happy about.

Your Best Equipment

Could not do this without my walking poles. Helped me get up the hills, stopped me falling down the hills and great for rhythm on the flats. Special mention for my boots and toe socks - no blisters or sore spots. Sleeping bag was a welcome friend on the cold nights.

Your Worst Equipment

Pretty happy with everything I carried.

Advice for Others

Everyone says it but make sure you only take what you need. Those extra couple of kilos seem like ten after 20 kms of dunes, hills or even the flats for that matter.