Kath Norcross (Bob's Brains Trust)

Completed: 6 December 2020

Photo of Kath Norcross (Bob's Brains Trust)
Kath Norcross
Bob's Brains Trust
  • Start date: 9 October 2020
  • Age When Completed: 52 & 46
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Kath Norcross, Howie Gaskin

General Comments

We’re very grateful to all the volunteers and workers for the immense effort it takes to keep the Bib in such great shape.

Food/Supplies Comments

Preparation was part of the fun and we enjoyed creating and dehydrating most of our food for the walk. We enjoyed eating it even more!
We were also great fans of eating incredible amounts in each of the towns we passed through. Nom nom!

Favourite Section

Hard question!  We loved the Monadnocks for their ephemeral and unlikely ecosystems and vast views, the ‘cathedral’ of the karri between Donnelly & Northcliffe was truly awesome and the Southern Ocean coastal sections were a splendid ending to a fab adventure.


We were surprised to find that we had so many opportunities to meet other people on the trail. The connections and friendships formed really helped to shape our experience.
Early morning walking was the best - cool, clean & fresh, in the company of birdsong and with the excitement of the day to come. The first few hours of every day were our faves.

Personal Reactions

Didn’t realise that there would be so much bliss to be found in reducing the number of choices we needed to make on a daily basis. It really gives you the freedom to be in the moment with your surroundings, but also a rude shock on return to the ‘real world’! Simplicity rules


Kath only saw snakes in a 24 hour period between West Cape Howe & Torbay (4 tigers)

Your Best Equipment

Fly nets, walking poles… Actually it was all good. We worked hard to get our weights low (13 & 16 kg fully loaded with 6 days food and water on board) and it made us happy!