Robert Allen (Rob Allen)

Completed: 18 October 2020

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Robert Allen
Rob Allen
  • Start date: 29 July 2016
  • Age When Completed: 75
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:


General Comments

It was great to rediscover the track on my second end to end, to meet people and hear their stories.

I had a strange moment between Sullivan Rock and Mt Cooke when I missed a turn, then came across Waugals that turned out not to be the official track at that time but some previous/future controlled burn deviation.  Logic was to follow the Waugals but intuition told me something was not right. I arrived at the campsite in the dark at 8:30pm.

Food/Supplies Comments

The best food is that which you don’t carry, i.e. at the cafes and pubs of course.
On one section of the track I indulged with pancakes drizzled with honey.
It’s also a luxury to have my partner Beryl restocking me, even down some dirt track.

Favourite Section

Donnelly River to Pemberton is pretty special but Walpole to Denmark just edged it out.


I love big trees. I love the work put into the campsites and track restoration.

Personal Reactions

I’ve still “got some tread on my tyres” but let’s say I enjoy the scenery more this time plodding on my sectional. I am definitely NOT interested in claims by some of hiking speed, records, triple campsites in a day etc. Good luck if that’s your style. For me, just enjoy the flora, fauna, scenery, camp sites and towns.


I saw most of the wildlife out there but the ones I don’t like seeing are the pigs and feral cats. Grrrrrr!

Your Best Equipment

My Aarn pack with balance pockets is pretty good.
My Big Sky Revolution Tent is very good, about 1.4Kg. It has external poles so the tent inner is suspended from the fly which in turn is suspended from the poles. It’s a good feature when you have to put it up or take it down in rain.

Your Worst Equipment

All my worst equipment has long gone. One that still haunts me is a Sea to Summit ultra light single skin tent-cum-shower sack. I binned it.

Advice for Others

Hike the track when you can and know that after the pain and fatigue you will be glad that you achieved something good. And, why not do it again and….