Damian Wallis (Damian)

Completed: 16 July 2020

Photo of Damian Wallis (Damian)
Damian Wallis
  • Start date: 20 April 2017
  • Age When Completed: 54
  • Direction Walked: Sectional

General Comments

A wonderful experience over the last three years. I particularly enjoyed the solitude of the track, as I spent almost half of my nights alone. It was a privilege to meet so many awesome people on the track. I have come to believe that hikers are a special breed of people who always look out for each other. I was often the recipient of random acts of kindness both on and off the track.

Favourite Section

Very hard to choose my favourite section. I loved every minute. I did particularly love Walpole to Peaceful Bay due to the variety in such a short distance.  From the majestic Tingles to the breath taking cliffs of the Rainbow Coast.