Trent Critchley (Treebeard)

Completed: 28 November 2019

Photo of Trent Critchley (Treebeard)
Trent Critchley
  • Start date: 5 October 2019
  • Age When Completed: 33
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

A terrific experience.

Food/Supplies Comments

Resupplied at towns along the way and found it easy. You can buy muesli bars (breakfast), chocolate and dried fruit (day snacks), and pasta/rice sides or freeze-dried meals (dinner) in every town now. Gas is available in some form in every town too.

Favourite Section

Walpole to Denmark


- Walking across the top of Mt Cooke in eerie cloud mist
- Listening to the birds at Monadnocks and Warren shelters
- First sightings of karri and tingle trees
- Sunsets over the Pingerup plains and the ocean
- That coastline…

Personal Reactions

The experience of walking through such beautiful, varied and mostly pristine country was rejuvenating and liminal. Extra fitness was a great side-benefit too!


Emus, wallabies, pigs, birds (so many!), geckos, snakes, monitors, roos and more…

Your Best Equipment

Fly head net saved my sanity on several days. Hiking poles saved my ankles on several others.

Your Worst Equipment

The GPS unit that I worked out during the first section I didn’t need - just used Osmand app on my phone with a Bibb GPX file to confirm my location if looking at the paper map wasn’t conclusive enough.

Advice for Others

Don’t book accommodation too far in advance, as you may find you’re more capable than you think!  Give yourself the freedom to be a bit flexible if you can. Also, the wilderness tour in Walpole is a hoot - do it.