Tiffany Townsend (Tiffany)

Completed: 21 August 2019

Photo of Tiffany Townsend (Tiffany)
Tiffany Townsend
  • Start date: 14 May 2019
  • Age When Completed: 40
  • Direction Walked: South to North
  • Others in Group:

    Amanda Townsend (from Albany to Mandalay Beach).

General Comments

I could not have completed this walk without the support of my family!  Thank you for the big things and the little things that you did that enabled me to complete this journey.  Thank you also to the BTF and DPAW staff and volunteers, and the many other walkers I met along the way for your advice, conversations and helpfulness that greatly enriched my experience.

Favourite Section

All the sections make the track what it is.


Walking with Mum from Albany to Mandalay Beach.  Enjoying company of trail friends in Northcliffe and Walpole.  Meeting my own trail angels (Liz and Tanya) at DRV.  Seeing an echidna on the way to Beraking from Mt Dale.  Having fruit, cheese, chocolate and champagne walked out to me at Waalegh for a belated 40th birthday celebration.  Walking with my sister the final one kilometer to the Northern Terminus covered in streamers and wearing party hats!

Personal Reactions

Sharing the first two legs with my mum was an experience I will forever treasure.  I met so many wonderful people on the track and also enjoyed much solitude.


I saw an echidna!!!  I didn’t see any snakes.  I had my water bottles nibbled at Dog Pool.

Your Best Equipment

I loved all my gear and was happy with everything I carried.

Advice for Others

If possible, take your time, listen to the needs of your body and enjoy the journey.