Andrew Breed (Lone Wolf)

Completed: 30 August 2019

  • Start date: 23 June 2019
  • Age When Completed: 64
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    No others.

General Comments

The hike was a challenging, interesting and memorable experience which was well worth the leg work. Fellow hikers, although only a few met during winter, and the town people were warm, friendly and encouraging, quite often providing some valuable advice and humorous stories.

Food/Supplies Comments

The novelty of freeze dried food wears off quite quickly but the hotel and cafe meals in the towns provide delicious alternatives.

Favourite Section

My favourite section would undoubtedly be the coastal one, showing the rugged, pristine beauty of our untamed beaches.


The main highlight for me was reaching the top of the high points such as Mt Cuthbert, Mt Vincent and especially, Mt Cooke.

Personal Reactions

Walking through the old forest areas of the Bibbulmun Track makes you appreciate how tough and determined the early pioneers were who sought to live and work there - incredible people.


The wildlife mainly encountered at this time of the year included birds (the blue wren, red -tailed black cockatoo, western magpie and wedge-tailed eagle), mammals - the mardo, western grey kangaroo, quenda and bush rats), reptiles (tiger snakes and small lizards) and various frogs, ants and spiders.

Your Best Equipment

My trekking poles were undoubtedly the best piece of equipment taken on the hike. They made ascending and descending various parts of the track easier and safer, preventing many potential falls.

Your Worst Equipment

The worst equipment was my inflatable pillow which developed an undetectable, microscopic leak which made sleeping quite unpleasant at times.

Advice for Others

Don’t be concerned about hiking the Bibbulmun Track as an older solo hiker. There is nothing to be concerned about so long as you have prepared properly for the hike and you fitness level is appropriate.  Don’t rush the experience. Take time to enjoy a couple of days in the towns for sightseeing or an extra day at a shelter. Unless you have a strict time frame, take your time and enjoy the experience as most of us will only do the end to end once.