Stephanie Chew (Chuditch)

Completed: 17 August 2019

Photo of Stephanie Chew (Chuditch)
Stephanie Chew
  • Start date: 24 June 2019
  • Age When Completed: 35
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

This was my first long distance walk and has been an amazing opportunity to experience southwest WA on a deeper level. By taking the time to slow down, I got to see some amazing wildlife and observe the subtle changes in the landscape as I moved further south. I enjoyed meeting other interesting hikers but also relished my time alone. I had more time alone than I had anticipated, enjoying a shelter to myself for more than half of the nights on the whole trip. The solo journey allowed plenty of time for self-reflection and to process some emotions following a difficult period in life.

Food/Supplies Comments

Sent resupply boxes to Dwellingup, DRV and Walpole. Very glad I sent boxes to Dwellingup and DRV but no need to have sent one to Walpole.

Favourite Section

All sections had some great highlights but my favourite was Walpole to Denmark with the majestic tingle forest and the transition to the spectacular coastal scenery.


Seeing an actual chuditch at Grimwade shelter! I called myself ‘Chuditch’ in the hope of seeing one on the track and obviously that strategy worked. It casually strolled past in front of the shelter while I was lying in bed, so I got to spotlight one from the comfort of my sleeping bag. Other highlights include seeing emus along many sections of the track, dolphins frolicking in the waves below the cliffs near Muttonbird shelter, climbing the Gloucester tree and hugging the giant tingle trees.

Personal Reactions

I found the track to be very well organised and maintained for the most part, and was impressed by the amount of love and dedication put in by the volunteers and staff to provide such an incredible resource for us all to enjoy.


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