Dave Harrison (Dave H)

Completed: 14 June 2019

Photo of Dave Harrison (Dave H)
Dave Harrison
Dave H
  • Start date: 7 February 2018
  • Age When Completed: 47
  • Direction Walked: Sectional

General Comments

A great journey completed over 7 sections. Every section was something new. Happy to say I did most of my travel on public transport.

Food/Supplies Comments

Started off on commercial meals but have since moved onto dehydrating my own.

Favourite Section

Found something special in each one, but Balingup to Northcliffe would be my pick. Winter in the valleys & along side the rivers was great.


The weather along the South coast during my Walpole to Albany section. A week of strong cold fronts alongside a wild ocean was both challenging & exhilarating. Feeling the power of nature & the colors of the skies was spectacular.

Personal Reactions

I met some great people along the way who were always willing to share their experiences, but most nights were spent alone at the huts. This offered up plenty of time for personal reflection.  I lost some baggage & found some inner peace. I cant wait until I can find the time to walk it in one go.


Saw plenty, but cant believe I didn’t see one snake.

Your Best Equipment

My gear evolved so much from my first section. Not much from that first trip made it to Albany. My favorite piece however would be my Tier Gear Quilt. So warm!!

Your Worst Equipment

Had nothing that bad, just found better things to replace the old stuff. Was glad to retire my old sleeping bag this winter though.

Advice for Others

TransWA timetable & routes make it so easy to get out & enjoy without the hassle of dealing with a vehicle or relying on others.