Sarah Wise

Completed: 31 May 2019

Photo of Sarah Wise
Sarah Wise
  • Start date: 2 November 2002
  • Age When Completed: 33
  • Direction Walked: Sectional
  • Others in Group:

    Sally Wise

General Comments

I started this journey as an outdoor ed student back in 2002, learning about meal prep and navigation as a 16 year old. I’m now 33 and have finished my end to end with my incredible mother who has walked all sections with me.

Food/Supplies Comments

Homemade dehydrated meals are cost effective and you can control what goes in them. Stored best in the freezer until time to go. Dehydrated hummus is great to be used in wraps with mushroom, cherry tomatoes, cheese and spinach. This stuff lasts up to 5 days.

Favourite Section

Walking into Denmark through the karri trees but you still get to experience the coast. It’s the best of both worlds.


Last year I proposed to my wife at Nerang Shelter.  We married in March this year.

Personal Reactions

I feel so privileged to have the Bibbulmun Track available to us so we can experience the best WA has to offer. I’ve written songs whilst hiking, improved myself physically and mentally and met some incredible people along the way.


Humpback whales and pilot whales off the south coast. red tail black cockatoos in the jarrah forest and little marsupials sniffing around my pack, in the night looking for snacks!

Your Best Equipment

Mountain Designs Bibbulmun 65l pack right from the start. It’s been an amazing pack and I’ve dragged it all over the world with me. Plus my SPOT PLB.  Kathmandu - Outdoor Survival bag. Protects from exposure if you decide not to carry a tent.

Your Worst Equipment

None really. The pack had a dodgy waist buckle initially. It wouldn’t allow me to tighten it up enough. It was replaced after it wouldn’t allow me to tighten it up enough.

Advice for Others

Always carry a comprehensive First Aid kit. Ibuprofen is your friend. Check for prescribed burns. Think outside the square with dehydrating food. You’d be surprised with what you can create; you don’t have to suffer with noodles! Always think about what you pack. A couple of kilo’s can make all the difference on the long, hard days. Even if your clothes have to go on wet the next day, ALWAYS keep a spare warm set for when you get into camp.