Estelle Bancroft (Hobbit)

Completed: 15 May 2019

Photo of Estelle Bancroft (Hobbit)
Estelle Bancroft
  • Start date: 1 April 2019
  • Direction Walked: South to North
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General Comments

Met all expectations of challenge and adventure - from Easter weekend snowflakes at Warren to prescribed burns along the route right through to getting lost and losing weight.  Would have preferred better markers in the Albany - Walpole dune section though

Food/Supplies Comments

Definitely will review the food I take.  I found dehydrated meals by the various brand names were really awful after a while.  I had three food box drops at 3 different towns, will DEFINITELY do all towns next time.

Favourite Section

Beedelup Campsite to Pemberton


The extreme weather changes, as this was unforeseen leaving me with a comfort 10degree C sleeping bag LOL and sleeping in the same clothes that i walked in.  So exciting to make plans around these challenges.  I loved seeing kangaroos every single day!! not a day without!  I loved Donnelly River Village and it marked the half way point for me.  the people there are awesome.  I 100% loved the forests but not so keen on the honky nuts.

Personal Reactions

A little in awe at times and other times totally in my good space.  I grew a little frustrated with the dune walking and the narrow paths often filled with rubber but also filled with vegetation and rocks and all I wanted to do was walk and stare, and gasp and smile at the beautiful surroundings.  My reactions can be found on my insta account “whileiwasoutwalking” in full about my experiences on the Bibbulmum 2019.


Tiger Snake between Torbay and West Cape Howe always kangaroos many wild pig families and Dugite snake

Your Best Equipment

Well as I say in my insta account, the 3 top items were simply ear plugs (a lot of snoring from neighbours in shelters) 1litre Platypus Water Jug (which is separate from my 3litre water bladder).Sea to Summit wash sink 45g and costs around $22

Your Worst Equipment

Definitely my sea to summit Aeros premium pillow.

Advice for Others

Budget more for own trail food and accommodation , this definitely is more expensive than you think. Definitely pack 4 pairs of socks, 2 is just not enough no matter the season.  Trekking poles, I saw many walking without, thinking they weight saving, but it definitely did not save their backs.