Jessica Walton (Waugal Stalker)

Completed: 14 February 2019

Photo of Jessica Walton (Waugal Stalker)
Jessica Walton
Waugal Stalker
  • Start date: 15 February 2009
  • Age When Completed: 29
  • Direction Walked: Sectional
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General Comments

Awesome journey! Had an epic time on the track!

Food/Supplies Comments

Resupplied in towns - no worries. Made up my own food combos.  ‘Winner track foods’ included oats, dried fruit, nuts, lollies, chocolate, licorice, tuna packets, salmon packets, sun dried tomatoes, pita breads, processed cheese triangles,  chips, noodles, quick cook pasta, quick cook rice, dhal, deb instant potato, instant soup packets and tea. Some of these ‘winner track foods’ I never hope to see again! Until next time on the track!!

Favourite Section

Loved the whole track Kal to Al!  Especially enjoyed Donnelly River Village to Northcliffe and Walpole to Denmark!


Watching the terrain slowly change from Kal to Al and enjoying the Bibb in its many moods!  Reaching lookouts/viewpoints on the track and admiring the amazing views!  The karri and tingle forests!  Seeing the ocean for the first time at Mandalay beach!  Swimming!  Taking off my boots and enjoying long walks on the beach!  Epic sunsets and sunrises!  Meeting people along the way or reading about their adventures in the red book!  Seeing the hut at the end of a long day and relaxing with a cup of tea smile

Personal Reactions

What an awesome journey! The track is really well maintained, thank so you so much to all the vollies and DPAW who do an amazing job!


Too much to keep count! Kangaroos, echindas, native mice/rats, ants, emus, mosquitos, frogs, fish, snakes and a huge variety of birds!

Your Best Equipment

Injini toe socks and hikers wool - blister prevention! Trekking poles .  Backpack

Your Worst Equipment

Started out carrying a really heavy pack due to a lot of old gear belonging to my Grandad! Happy to walk with light gear from Pemby onwards!

Advice for Others

Get track fit!  The journey of 1000km begins with a single step!  Enjoy the journey smile