Katie Preston (Katie)

Completed: 28 November 2018

  • Start date: 20 October 2018
  • Age When Completed: 28
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:


General Comments

Thank you volunteers for all you do to make this track amazing. Particular thanks go to Elsie who gave us sensible advice in the office beforehand and who we then met out on the track.

As a side note, we found the section after Denmark awkward. As nice as the inlet is meant to be as the boat doesn’t often run and is very expensive so we got a car round. This seemed such a shame after we’d walked for so long but your website didn’t advise walking it, is there another better walking route possible?

Food/Supplies Comments

We picked up food on the track and always found something we wanted to eat. We ended up buying too much in the bigger supermarkets when we had the choice though e.g. Collie & Denmark

Favourite Section

Probably Northcliffe to Walpole. After so many miles of Jarrah forest the Karri, Tingle trees and coast really made this a spectacular section.


Climbing the Gloucester tree was a fantastic thrill, swimming in the river many times - particularly at Dogpool and generally enjoying the track with the luxury of a campfire most evenings.


Unexpectedly we became really interesting the the wildlife, the emus and kangaroos were so unusual and we loved the birds - the splendid wrens were wild.

Your Best Equipment

Our Enlightened equipment double down duvet, kept both of us warm down to about 2 degrees on our walk and only weighs a kilo.

Your Worst Equipment

Old t-shirt - required several repairs to make it to the end (still wasn’t in one piece).

Advice for Others

Invest in some lightweight gear, be incredibly frugal with what you bring and get started.