David Hamaty (David Hamaty)

Completed: 28 November 2018

  • Start date: 16 October 2018
  • Age When Completed: 49
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

I had a fantastic time completing this walk and am very grateful to the volunteers that make this possible. Thanks Bibbulmun Track Foundation.

Favourite Section

Kalamunda—> Dwellingup


Mt Cuthbert, Mt Vincent and Mt Clarke. A rainbow over White Horse Hills, the most refreshing swim of my life at Dog Pool, amazing windswept coastal scenery near Boat Harbour and plenty more.


I was charged by an emu who diverted at the last minute and ran head first into a tree. Not the smartest animal around.

40+ snakes sighted and 2 close calls.

Your Best Equipment

My sleeping bag. Light weight but very warm.

Your Worst Equipment

My rainjacket. Goretex - the most overrated fabric on earth.

Advice for Others

Come and do it, stop making excuses.