Doug Fleming (Jock initially the DougF)

Completed: 3 November 2018

Photo of Doug Fleming (Jock initially the DougF)
Doug Fleming
Jock initially the DougF
  • Start date: 7 April 2018
  • Age When Completed: 71
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:


General Comments

The overall walk is amazing and a huge credit to those who both created it and maintain it. It was well marked and the huts were fantastic, such a welcome sight on a wet day. Not having to put up a tent every night was such a treat.
I started in the South, but had to leave the track at Denmark to return to Victoria for a funeral. On my return I decided to go from the North. However I was interrupted again returning home.  Finally finished in the Spring which was great

Food/Supplies Comments

I was able to find enough food in all the towns. The choice was limited but adequate. All the towns were friendly and welcoming.

Favourite Section

I loved the tingle trees and that area was special. It was also a relief to reach more open country, in the south after so much forest.


My highlights were the people I met along the way. I loved walking alone, but the evenings spent with people from all over the world was really special. we learned from each other and shared experiences.  The flowers were also a surprise. I had been told about them but never expected the display and diversity to be so amazing.

Personal Reactions

I loved being solo and unsupported. The fact of being independent gave a great feeling of security. The feeling of remoteness was wonderful.


I was disappointed at the lack of wildlife. I put this down to the number of fires over the years. I sometimes went for days without seeing any. Farther south there was more and the bird life really increased. It was great to see the Carnaby Cockatoos in such numbers. You had to look out from the bombing of gum nuts however!

Your Best Equipment

My new pack, an Osprey Exos 58. I bought it between the two sections I did and it transformed my walk. It was comfortable and light.

Your Worst Equipment

My down sleeping bag which I have had for many years was not quite warm enough. Like me, getting a bit old. I was able to layer up ok so no problem.

Advice for Others

Take the absolute minimum. If you think you might need it you probably won’t. I was amazed how little I used on track.