Diana Ritschard (Diana)

Completed: 24 November 2018

Photo of Diana Ritschard (Diana)
Diana Ritschard
  • Start date: 28 October 2018
  • Age When Completed: 44
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

I really enjoyed this walk, the huts, the people I met along the track, the sunsets, the morning coffee’s in camp, the campfires, the views, the volunteers that shared their food. I would definitely come and walk it again. I missed 4 huts due to 5 diversions, which was a shame, but also another reason to come back.

Food/Supplies Comments

I sent parcels with personal stuff down the track, but did most of my resupply in track towns along the way.

Favourite Section

Woolbales all the way to Albany


Seeing the ocean for the first time. Taking the canoe across Irwin inlet.

Personal Reactions

I started off on my first solo long distance hike, usually having my husband join me.  I learned to trust in my abilities and that I was able to accomplish things I never knew I could.


Lots!!! You kind of get used to all the snakes along the track and don’t get a heart attack every time you have one laying across the track. All the roo’s, emu’s, flies, mozzies, rats, mice, lots of rabbits, birds are part of what this track is all about.

Your Best Equipment

All my equipment proved to be excellent for this trip. There wasn’t one item I didn’t use. Didn’t use the Epirp, which is a good thing:)

Advice for Others

Just go for it. I have met all kind of people along this track. The fit ones, the unfit ones, the single hutter and the ones doing doubles. As someone told me at the begin of my hike “it’s just walking, one step at a time “