Rod O’Mara (Rod)

Completed: 25 October 2018

  • Start date: 8 October 2010
  • Age When Completed: 71
  • Direction Walked: Sectional
  • Others in Group:

    Frank and Fay Harkness, Cheryl Gargan, Tony and Margo Martin

General Comments

Walpole to Denmark 8-14/10/2010
Denmark to Albany 13-17/10/2011
Walpole to Northcliffe 26/10-1/11/2011
Northcliffe to Collie 11-30/10/2011
Collie to Kalamunda 4-25/10/2018

Food/Supplies Comments

I generally bought supplies beforehand, using freeze-dried meals, but extra supplies, especially breakfast and lunches, in the track towns. We always stayed in accommodation in the towns where possible, for a break from camping

Favourite Section

Definitely the coastal sections in the south, though the big trees near Donnelly and Pemberton were beautiful


Coastal views, big trees, granite outcrops near Mt Wells and, of course, wildflowers; carpets of them

Personal Reactions

I love to be out on track, in the quiet, among the trees and hear the birdsong


so many birds! Your wrens are brighter than any we get in the Eastern states. Only 3 snakes in all that time.

Your Best Equipment

Backpack (bought in 1978), trangia and tent - always carry a tent. I saw people without and they could always fit in the shelter and what about temporary campsites in diversions.

Your Worst Equipment

I didn’t really have any of these.

Advice for Others

As above, always carry a tent.
Take your time and enjoy it. I saw too many walkers double or more hutting, coming in late and exhausted and with sore feet.