Lee Morgan (Obelix)

Completed: 1 November 2018

Photo of Lee Morgan (Obelix)
Lee Morgan
  • Start date: 8 September 2018
  • Age When Completed: 46
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

Well maintained track overall, great signage, campsite facilities, BTF support & website make this an ideal long distance thru-hike for the beginner & lovers of a good walk!

I experienced 52 track days & 3 rest days at Collie, Pemberton & Denmark.

I was lucky enough to avoid any diversions & could count on one hand how many days I had to get the rain gear out.

Food/Supplies Comments

I was going to resupply in track towns but I’m glad I didn’t in hindsight. Prior to the trip I was in the supermarket & the gourmet porridge & muesli bars were half price! So I filled up the trolley & committed to 6 resupply boxes which were relatively cheap to post from Perth. Main meals were commercially available dehydrated meals buy 3 get 1 free offer. So with a bit of foresight & a spreadsheet I was able to prepare in detail so that I had variety/carried no more than needed! I personally found the lack of choice & single serve options limited - not to mention the inflated price when passing through towns. Having said that I did my best to support all the wonderful cafes, roadhouse, pubs & restaurants along the way!

Favourite Section

Easy! Walpole to Peaceful Bay. It offers plenty of bang per kilometer with such a contrast in landscape from foreshore wetlands, Tingle forest, Frankland River, coastal dunes & the beach! Throw in the ‘Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk’, shelter locations & great views! It’s the ideal highlights package for any one considering the Bibbulmun Track!


Spotting an echidna for the first time!
Same day sunrise at Mt Chance & sunset at Woolbales!
The sound of the ocean as you get closer to the coast.
Cooling off in the numerous rivers & lakes.
The green & yellow tunnels south of Balingup & Pemberton. Chopped firewood, wood chips on the floor & toilet paper in the dunny was always a plus at certain campsites!

Personal Reactions

The opportunity to reconnect with nature, clear the mind, reset the body clock, get fit whilst doing something you like, meet wonderful people, experience new places, flora & fauna is what makes the journey so worthwhile.


Along the way I encountered echidnas, blue tongue skinks, kangaroos, emus, black & red tailed cockatoos to name a few. Snakes were more prevalent along the coast but I did not see as many as I anticipated maybe due to cooler weather.

Your Best Equipment

Trekking poles without a doubt. They provide a good workout for your arms, keep you well balanced & take the pressure off your knees. Doesn’t matter if young or old they are your best friend!
Supafeet blue insoles & Injinji toes socks. Got to look after the feet!

Your Worst Equipment

I’m glad I decided on lightweight trail shoes but they were prone to letting in sand & dirt through the breathable mesh. It probably had more to do with the 10 cent sized hole in each shoe, due to the funny way I walk,  which causes wear to the sides of shoes I wear.

Advice for Others

Go along to the workshops offered by the BTF. I consider myself a somewhat experienced hiker but their is always room to learn more from others!
Join the Bibbulmun Track Facebook groups as these provide a rich source of up-to-date information along with DPAW & BTF websites.