Michele Fletcher (Optimystic MF)

Completed: 13 September 2018

Photo of Michele Fletcher (Optimystic MF)
Michele Fletcher
Optimystic MF
  • Start date: 31 March 2018
  • Age When Completed: 53
  • Direction Walked: Sectional
  • Others in Group:


General Comments

The people, the flora and fauna, the tone of the forest and environment was grounding and enriching on a cellular level.  Everyday in every way on the track there were surprises. An adventure like no other

Food/Supplies Comments

Food parcels were prepared at home and sent to all accommodation premises in every track town. No problems at all, everyone running a business I met embraced a ‘Bibbul-bum hiker’!

Favourite Section

All sections provided a unique and challenging experience.
The environment, the weather provided variant contrasts.


I found new faith in people when I had lost my credit card and for the first time in my life I had to ask ‘The Blue Wren’ to pay a full breakfast and coffee forward. This was not a problem at all for the business owner.  I found ‘gold in people’ it was true alchemy,  not once but on a number of occasions on the track. My phone had been waterlogged after a wild storm at Blackwood with rain and high gust winds blowing all night into the back of the shelter, a far cry from someone telling me to get ready to sleep on the picnic table because of the rats.  It was around here that I noted I had become dependent on the Guthook app after sending my map and guidebook home.  I was hiking along thinking I better be alert and not miss the reassuring Waugal, while at the same time wishing ‘If only I had a map’.  Then along came a fellow hiker going N-S, we exchanged information and he said he had dropped his map somewhere from where we met to the next campsite - my wish was answered in the middle of the bush. Amazing!  Really there were so many highlights, the rednecks’ drunk as skunks’ rolling into Gardner with their dogs Rusty and Ripper the goat killers, the dealers in the middle of the bush near Collie, the challenging inlet at Torbay with low tide up to my ribs, the eroded beaches from Albany - Peaceful Bay and with all of that ,the mindful and physical endurance to complete the most amazing time of my life.

Personal Reactions

Prepare, but be always be prepared to adapt on the track.


Not as many birds as I would have like to have seen in some sections. Their noise was noticeably absent.

Your Best Equipment

Big Agnes Cooper Spur one person tent
Luci - This solar light never let me down and hung like a chandelier in the tent!

Your Worst Equipment

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus air mattress - they called me crinkle cut.

Advice for Others

Hike your own hike