Debbie Robinson (Soggy Possum)

Completed: 1 September 2018

Photo of Debbie Robinson (Soggy Possum)
Debbie Robinson
Soggy Possum
  • Start date: 5 April 2015
  • Age When Completed: 54
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Lynda, Nikki, Fiona, Corinne.

General Comments

Thank you to all the volunteers of the Bibbulmun Track that make it possible for us to enjoy ourselves walking this great track. It took 3 years of sectional walking to complete but was worth every minute. Thank you to my hiking buddies. I couldn’t have done it with you. Thank you to my daughters for looking after yourselves while I was away.

Food/Supplies Comments

Thank you to my hiking friends families for supporting us with lifts and food drops and morning tea on the track.

Favourite Section

I love the sections through forests with a nice firm track. I also enjoy the views across the ocean in the Southern sections.


Every time I arrived at a hut was a highlight. Making a cup of tea and sitting down after walking all day. Laughing and joking with my hiking buddies while we prepared our food. Meeting wonderful, interesting people along the way.


The scariest encounter was a huge wild pig that had us standing up in a log waiting for it to move on.

Your Best Equipment

My Cuban fibre pack only 900gms.

Advice for Others

Look after your feet. If something is sore stop and sort it out as best you can. Carry anti-inflammatory tablets with you. Don’t walk too fast or you will miss the orchids.