Cathryn Salinovich (CathrynS)

Completed: 10 July 2018

Photo of Cathryn Salinovich (CathrynS)
Cathryn Salinovich
  • Start date: 20 May 2018
  • Age When Completed: 68
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

It was a wonderful experience to take a break from my normal life. I enjoyed being in the natural environment and the physical demands of the walk.

Food/Supplies Comments

I dehydrated food and bought from towns. Being winter I was able to take nutrient dense foods like butter, cheese and cream.

Favourite Section

I liked it all but Donnelly River to Pemberton was breathtakingly beautiful. I enjoyed walking on the railway formations.


The fungi around Pemberton was amazing.

Advice for Others

Take it easy for the first few days if necessary and take the minimum amount of food and equipment. I was fortunate to have someone meet me at Brookton Hwy with more food and gear.