Alfio Catalano

Completed: 13 June 2017

Photo of Alfio Catalano
Alfio Catalano
  • Start date: 17 May 2017
  • Age When Completed: 40
  • Direction Walked: South to North
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Food/Supplies Comments

I was hiking ultra light, so the most of the time I was carrying only four days food supply and when I had a six day stretch I just topped up in the towns. I dehydrated most of my meals and working out the logistics of the food drops was a challenge.

Favourite Section

My new favourite section was Denmark to William Bay as you get to walk through a bit of every type of landscape….. even if some of it was in pouring rain!


One of my highlights were walking the first two hours of every day in the dark and walking as the sun was rising.  Another highlight was walking in clean dry clothes after so many days of nonstop rain.


I only saw one snake this time and that was on day one and I like it when you see bobtails hanging out in pairs.

Your Best Equipment

All my equipment was my best as I was walking with just the bare nuts and bolts and everything had been tried and tested and it all just worked.  If I had to pick two pieces of equipment; one would be my Garmin watch as I had logged the GPS locations of the campsites from my first walk, which gave me distance reassurance towards the end of the day.
The other piece of equipment would be my trusty Jetboil as it was nice to hold/hug it in the cold mornings and eat my oats out of it.

Your Worst Equipment

I didn’t have any….. Sock liners melt if they are too close to the fire!

Advice for Others

Hike the Bib at what ever speed you are comfortable with and do it anyway YOU want. Give it a try if you haven’t already done so, walk for the first couple of hours before sunrise. There are no bogeymen… its to early for them!