Annette Bryant (Annette)

Completed: 21 November 2017

Photo of Annette Bryant (Annette)
Annette Bryant
  • Start date: 15 July 2017
  • Age When Completed: 36
  • Direction Walked: Sectional

General Comments

After promising myself to walk the track for over 20 years, I finally found the time to walk the Bibbulmun track using my long service leave I had saved up. I still had to go back to work for a week each month, but I was still able to do longer stints on the track and finish on the track on my 36th birthday.

Food/Supplies Comments

Always carry miso soup and Aldi Mountain Bar (mint flavour).

Favourite Section

I really enjoyed the k
Karri trees around Donnelly River and the paddling across the Irwin Inlet.


My sister and brother-in-law flying over from Canberra to walk the last 6kms with me into Albany.

Personal Reactions

Being out on the track regularly helped me regain perspective on what is and what isn’t important. Although I have now finished the track, I’ll be back on there soon.


Loved seeing all the beautiful birds and the spectacular wildflowers.

Your Best Equipment

The lighter the better, loved my Z-pack tent and my solar lantern.

Advice for Others

Just get out there and just do it, be it a day walk or the whole track. Think of it as an investment in yourself.