Richard Orme ("RJO" Rich & Jen Orme)

Completed: 19 November 2017

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Richard Orme
"RJO" Rich & Jen Orme
  • Start date: 27 September 2017
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Jenny Orme

General Comments

The burns distracted from the beauty of the Track however the people we met added to our walk. The challenge of backing up and walking day after day cannot be denied. It is still amazing that this Track and it’s facilities are free to the walker. Where else in the world?

Food/Supplies Comments

Cooking, dehydrating and preparing all our own evening meals worked brilliantly (except for too much quinoa!)  Portioning and vacuum sealing of all other snacks also worked very well. We ate well yet kept the weight of food to carry down.

Favourite Section

Donnelly River to Northcliffe.


Wildflowers, coastal scenery, food and drinks in the towns but most significantly the diversity of fabulous people we shared shelters with.

Personal Reactions

Having walked the whole Track in sections over 12 -15 years we had memory of how pretty some section were before the fires.  The wildflowers and orchids are truly amazing. Whilst expecting some personal growth experiences.


Black cockatoos, rufous whistlers and tree creepers, red winged fairy wrens, splendid fairy wrens, red eared firetail finches, kangaroos, emus, tiger snakes, dugites, marron, worms, water rats,  dolphins, whales, oyster catchers, echidna, motorbike frog.

Your Best Equipment

Trail hiking shoes, Superfeet insoles, walking poles, Aarn bodypacks, mosquito nets.

Advice for Others

Plan and prepare food and food drops. Walk with no expectations of what the experience will bring - keep an open mind , EYES and heart. Swim whenever possible, take the diversions to lookouts no matter how tired you are.