Regina Bauer (Regina)

Completed: 3 October 2016

Photo of Regina Bauer (Regina)
Regina Bauer
  • Start date: 12 January 2012
  • Age When Completed: 50
  • Direction Walked: Sectional
  • Others in Group:

    Kevin Bauer-Laufer

General Comments

I would like to encourage all parents (and grandparents) who think they can’t do the trek, because they have small kids, to just give it a go. Don’t underestimate your little ones and get them off those screens.

Food/Supplies Comments

We took all the food on each section. The first short sections we started with tinned food. The favourite on our longer sections was couscous and dried fruit.

Favourite Section

We loved all sections that we were walking in spring, when all the wild flowers put on a show. It is slow walking, when you have to take pictures every step of the way. The orchids on our walk from Denmark to Albany were just amazing.


Even though this was on our first section we walked, for Kevin Donnelly River Village would be the Highlight. It was the first time we went there and now there is no drive down south without visiting the kangaroos. I loved arriving in Albany knowing we have done it.

Personal Reactions

If I am still fit enough in a few years time, when Kevin has grown up, I would like to try a go at doing it all in one, doing it south-north.


We have seen only a few snakes. Kevin more than me, as he was usually in the front. He would suddenly stop and to the question why just say “there was a snake”. Also of course Emus and kangaroos (not only at Donnelly River Village) and lots of birds and spiders.

Your Best Equipment

Our best equipment were our hammocks. They are small, lightweight and comfortable and you don’t need a hut to make camp.

Your Worst Equipment

Our worst equipment would have been our sleeping bags, as they were cheap ones and just not warm enough, even in autumn or spring. That’s why we liked walking in summer.

Advice for Others

Start with small sections and give it a go. Happy hiking.