Michael Brown (Barclay)

Completed: 6 October 2017

Photo of Michael Brown (Barclay)
Michael Brown
  • Start date: 25 March 2017
  • Age When Completed: 57
  • Direction Walked: Sectional

General Comments

The Track is amazing and those involved in the maintenance and upkeep of the Track should feel proud of what they achieve.  I’m certainly grateful for the support, information and advice I’ve received.
Took a while to find my Track name, went from Mike B to Tank and then Barclay.

Food/Supplies Comments

I dreamed of food and couldn’t wait to arrive in town.  I ran out of food on my my first section and I dashed into Denmark to attack the bakery.  After a cold and wet walk into DRV the food at the general store tasted superb.  I don’t think I can look at dehydrated food for a while!

Favourite Section

All sections had their moments.  I loved walking along the cliffs and sand dunes on the southern section.  There was something special about the tingle forest and I loved the views at Blackwood and Beraking section.


Highlights were the rolling waves on the south coast, nearly being knocked over by a startled emu and the rainbow over Blackwood campsite.

Personal Reactions

As for most of the walk I was solo I had to dig deep as I’ve not really been alone for so long.  I pushed my body to the limits when I needed to double hut on a couple of occasions.  Overall I feel rejuvenated, energised and ready to take on life.  I recommend that everybody should go on this spiritual journey.


Didn’t see as much wildlife as expected.  Saw the usual range of animals but was surprised with how quiet the forest was.

Your Best Equipment

This has to be my Sea to Summit micro ultra light pillow - it was the best.  Also my Deuter pack was superb, very comfortable.  Can’t go wrong with Jet Boil, especially in the morning boiling the water for that first coffee.

Your Worst Equipment

My 3/4 length mattress was the worse piece of equipment that I bought.  Go for the extra weight and get the full length mattress.  The extra weight will be compensated with a good nights sleep.

Advice for Others

Plan your trip carefully.  Buy you boots well in advance and make sure they’re comfortable.  I had very few blisters or issues.  Make sure that your sleeping mattress, sleeping bag and pillow allow you to get a good sleep.  Also, if you’re a novice, ask for advice - thanks Jim B for your comments.  Finally just enjoy the companionship on the Track, those wonderful moments and the peace and quiet.