Peter Batchelor (Richard Hart)

Completed: 24 May 2017

Photo of Peter Batchelor (Richard Hart)
Peter Batchelor
Richard Hart
  • Start date: 24 April 2016
  • Age When Completed: 73
  • Direction Walked: Sectional

General Comments

This was a significant challenge for me. No previous hiking experience. Found the walk both hard and exhilarating. Marvellous sense of achievement. Support from my wife, family and friends highly encouraging.

Food/Supplies Comments

Learnt how to self provide in five day burst. Post Office, Visitor Centres and a food drop indispensable.

Favourite Section

Regrowth after the fire along Murray River, Balingup hills, south coast.


Climbing Mt Cooke and other large hills. Great variation of forests: Jarrah, Karri, Marri, Tingle. The sea - the sea and its rugged coast.

Personal Reactions

Loved the rhythm of the walk on a daily basis. Occasionally overpowered by nature.


They ran away from my loud boots. The little birds along the Track, black cockatoos in the north and emu and chicks before Balingup. Some snakes along the coast.

Your Best Equipment

Rocks, logs, blow up mattress - anything to rest on.

Advice for Others

Be persistent. ” If you can dream it - you can do it”. Build up your own skills - maps, guide books. Sift the advice of others - doesn’t always apply to you!