Louise Pontin (One Boot)

Completed: 23 October 2016

Photo of Louise Pontin (One Boot)
Louise Pontin
One Boot
  • Start date: 4 September 2016
  • Age When Completed: 28
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

Such a fabulous Track through incredibly diverse surroundings. What a great way to get a bit more familiar with my homeland. I was a bit disappointed in the ‘readiness’ of the Track Towns to host hikers - two towns had no gas canisters (despite calling ahead to check in one town, and them saying they did) - perhaps some education for towns regarding peak hiking season so they can order extra stock? The poorly supplied/resourced towns let down the rest of the very well resourced Track.

Food/Supplies Comments

I was really pleased that I made my own main meals from a combination of freeze dried and dehydrated foods, instead of relying on pre-made freeze dried meals. It was much cheaper and very satisfying!

Favourite Section

Absolutely 100% the coast - pretty much from Woolbales onwards.


Reaching the coast! Seeing a seal up close and personal on Lights Beach. Seeing a pod of dolphins surfing the waves near Sandpatch. Being in bed for up to 12 hours. Misty mornings in the north. Sunrise over the coast in the south. Eating a hot dinner wrapped in my sleeping bag, warm and cosy in the shelter, while it rained and stormed outside.

Personal Reactions

I didn’t love every minute of the Track - while many parts were stunning, enjoyable, fun, adventurous, and calming, there were also parts that were challenging, boring, tiring, painful and unpleasant. But overall the experience was so rewarding - I think it’s actually good for humans to sometimes spend time doing things that are hard and uncomfortable, both to remind ourselves that we can, and also to appreciate how good and comfortable our lives are most of the time.


Spotted: seals, dolphins, emus (even a mum with 5-6 chicks!), wallabies, roos - but sadly no echidna.

Your Best Equipment

My Kathmandu down sleeping bag kept me super warm and toasty. My Jetboil made dinner quick and easy. My Sony a6000 took some great shots.

Your Worst Equipment

My hiking boots really aggravated my Achilles tendon (had to get rid of them), and my custom made tent leaked! (I didn’t know I had to seal the seams before I used it…)

Advice for Others

Get out and do it. It’s worth it.