Siobhan Sheridan (Drop bear)

Completed: 18 September 2016

Photo of Siobhan Sheridan (Drop bear)
Siobhan Sheridan
Drop bear
  • Start date: 27 July 2016
  • Age When Completed: 49
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

60% of nights in shelters I was alone. I enjoyed the solitude and it made company, when I had it, even more special.

Food/Supplies Comments

Sent resupply boxes to Dwellingup, Balingup, Northcliffe, Walpole. Worked well.

Favourite Section

Walpole to Denmark.


*Hiking with Graeme from NZ and comparing our respective previous long hikes (me = AT) (him = Te Aorora).
*The excellent Collie Art Gallery.
*Giant trees.

Personal Reactions

The Bibb is very well set up and is easy, enjoyable hiking.


Seeing 4 snakes in one day between Denmark and West Cape Howe was like walking through a horror movie!!

Your Best Equipment

My 30x30 cm piece of blue foam mat.

Your Worst Equipment

None - its all well tested and useful.

Advice for Others

Never quit on a rainy day.