Robert Carter (Sydney Bushwalkers)

Completed: 17 June 2016

Photo of Robert Carter (Sydney Bushwalkers)
Robert Carter
Sydney Bushwalkers
  • Start date: 27 April 2016
  • Age When Completed: 55
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Geoff Bishop and Anthea Michaelis

General Comments

The Bibbulmun Track was a fantastic adventure and the support provided throughout by the Bibbulmun Foundation (Jim Baker - our wonderful track mentor), the tremendous efforts of the volunteers and the hospitality in the townships was very much appreciated. I am already planning to come back and complete another end-to-end adventure !

Food/Supplies Comments

We prepared dehydrated meals and posted from Sydney to Dwellingup, Walpole, Pemberton, Donnelly River Village and Collie. Supplies along the track filled the gaps and most townships catered for most needs.

Favourite Section

It is hard to separate any of the sections as they were each special in their own right. I separated into the following:
Jarrah Forests of the northern section
Karri Forests of the middle section
Pingerup Plains - really enjoyed these
Coast on the southern section


There were so many highlights it is hard to separate - similarly with the favourite section. I really enjoyed the open Jarrah forests of the north and the spectacular coastal sections in the south. The Pingerup Plains were very special and serene whilst the Karri and Tingle forests were majestic.
A key highlight were the people we met along the way and the hospitality shown in the townships - people were genuinely interested in our adventure which made us feel very special.

Personal Reactions

A friend who had previously completed the Bibbulmun Track end-to-end said to me of his experience - ‘you become immersed in the adventure’. It took me some time to understand what this meany however your whole life routine changes in the 52-odd days that we walked the Track and more importantly life becomes so much more simpler than the day-to-day existence in Sydney.
So for me it was the building excitement of the planning phase, the trepidation as the departure date looms and the basic existence and simplicity of life on the Track.


We saw plenty of wildlife however possibly reduced due to he time of year (late Autumn/early Winter). Only one snake being a death adder - I nearly stood on - everyone was warning us about tiger snakes so pretty ironic !

Your Best Equipment

My Sea-to-Summit UL Sleeping Mat & Pillow.

Your Worst Equipment

Anything carried that I didn’t use !

Advice for Others

Walking the Bibbulmun Track end-to-end is a big commitment in terms of time and effort however the experience is well worth it.
We included six Rest Days in order to manage/mitigate possible fatigue (physical and mental) however also to have a decent wash - both body and clothes - as well as replenishing food,etc. Food drops were posted to tows where we planned Rest Days.
I would recommend a good level of fitness prior to embarking on an end-to-end adventure. Although your fitness builds over the journey preparation ensures that your first couple of weeks is an enjoyable experience and not one of soreness.
Take your time as there is no real need to rush.