Seri Lee (Star Dust )

Completed: 10 July 2016

Photo of Seri Lee (Star Dust )
Seri Lee
Star Dust
  • Start date: 23 May 2016
  • Age When Completed: 23
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

Such an epic journey of my life. It was the toughest trip I’ve ever done. I’ve learnt lots of lesson of life there, met lovely and nice fellow hikers. Especially meeting Lexie and Sacha was such a pleasure! I feel like myself stronger mentally and physically.
And thanks to BTF & vollies for maintaining the Track so well. Appreciate it.

Food/Supplies Comments

I resupplied food in every town. It was not bad but nutritionally unbalanced., I guess. Haha! Cuz I always eat lots of carbohydrate.

Favourite Section

I love Southern Ocean but overall DRV to Pemberton was my favourite. Magnificent scenery and hike to walk.


Sunrise at Rame Head campsite. Extraordinary blue Southern Ocean on a sunny day. Magnificent karri forest. And I got lost lots of time but it always gave me fun stories! For example I hitchhiked for the first time in my life.

Personal Reactions

Time on the Bibbulmun Track was wonderful. I enjoyed hiking Bib Track! Thanks a lot.


Lots of kangaroos. No snakes. Birds, whales, seals, emu and rabbits.

Your Best Equipment

Jet-boil. Hiking shoes. Waterproof rain jacket.

Your Worst Equipment

Sleeping bag, mattress, gaiters, poncho.

Advice for Others

Prepare well before starting. Don’t be stingy with the budget to buy hiking gear. If you hike in winter, buy good sleeping bag!!