Robert Larty

Completed: 7 July 2013

Photo of Robert Larty
Robert Larty
  • Start date: 12 May 2013
  • Age When Completed: 39
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:


General Comments

10 Years talking resulted in 8 weeks walking, and my E 2 E was over that quick, I didn’t do any training, thought I`d get fit on the track and I did losing 13 kg, which has since magically returned, but I`ve got the bug and done sections since with more to come. Never had a bad day, pain, rain, tears, smiles and memories made it all worthwhile. I tell everyone I meet about the track in hope they get the same enjoyment I did.

Food/Supplies Comments

Did my own hydrated meals and fruit and mixed it up with some packet meals, posted supplies were always there and track towns were great.

Favourite Section

Northcliffe to Peaceful Bay, Rame Head was my favourite.


Surviving the first day to Ball Creek! My parents appearing out of the blue at Boarding House, mum brought in much needed party pies & dad had his backpack ready to walk to Pemby, Mandalay beach, seeing family. Too many to mention.

Personal Reactions

Thought the Track was well posted and the shelters were good. Big thanks to the BTF for the track advice and the people who give up their time to keep it maintained. Thanks to my family who came to see me along the way.


Creatures were scarce but the amazing types of mushroom and fungi made up for it.

Your Best Equipment

Hankie as sweat rag! Boots, Trangia stove & poles.

Your Worst Equipment


Advice for Others

Go light and take your time.