Carlya Bell (Herbivore)

Completed: 13 December 2014

Photo of Carlya Bell (Herbivore)
Carlya Bell
  • Start date: 30 October 2014
  • Age When Completed: 25
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

Absolutely love walking the track. Puts me in my happy place especially when walking along the coast.

Food/Supplies Comments

I stocked up my food in each town, not always the best as you can’t always buy the things you like. Very basic food. Oats, crackers, peanut butter, rice meals, soups, nuts etc. If I had the time before I left I would have dehydrated meals. Denmark-Albany was best as I carried salad wraps for the last few days.

Favourite Section

Still love the southern half, Walpole to Albany is lovely. Donnelly River village to Pemberton also a great section.


Finally seeing an echidna was cool. Beach walking is always fun. Bumping into people you have met on previous walks before. Also always a good laugh to read your old red book entries.


Saw my first Echidna, at last! Also my first wild cat. Plenty of roos, emus, snakes and monitors around.

Your Best Equipment

MSR Hubba tent was great to put up inside shelter.

Your Worst Equipment

My new Nemo mattress was comfy to sleep on and packs down small, but tedious to blow up each day.

Advice for Others

As we all say, you just gotta do it!... One day at a time, you will be surprised how fast it will go and what you will learn from it. smile